Puerto Iguazú in Argentina

Puerto Iguazú on the Argentinean side and Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side are not just the gateways to the breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfalls, but are also the nearest cities to the intersection of the borders of three countries that include Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. The main attraction of this region is and remains, the National Park, with its amazing 270 waterfalls. The variety of the beautiful sub-tropical flora and fauna of this region makes it even more appealing to tourists from all over.


  • Adventure
  • Landscape


  • Iguazu Waterfalls on the Argentine Side
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Jesuit Ruins
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Iguazu National Park

Places to Stay

Awasi Iguazú

Style: Lodge

The Awasi charms with its first class, highly personalized service as well as its exclusive location. The lodge offers you an unforgettable stay by the banks of the mighty Iguazú River.

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Iguazú Grand

Style: Resort

Iguazu Grand is located barely half an hour away from the Cataratas del Iguazu International Airport at Puerto Iguazu. Nestled within a magnificent, sprawling property, the resort offers you a luxurious stay in Argentina.

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La Aldea de la Selva Lodge

Style: Lodge

Surrounded by the lush and exuberant flora of the Selva Iriapú rainforest lies Aldea La Selva that keeps its promise of a relaxing stay at one with nature.

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Loi Suites Iguazú

Style: International

Surrounded by stunning trees, lush vegetation and abundant wildlife, the Loi Suites is situated over the left side of the river Iguazú, only 5km from the city centre of Puerto Iguazú.

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Meliá Iguazú

Style: International

The Meliá Iguazú Resort & Spa is the only hotel in the National Park from where guests can walk to the waterfalls in just five minutes.

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Panoramic Grand

Style: International

Relax by the river! Strategically located on a hilltop by the river, and easily accessed from three international airports, Panoramic Grand Hotel sits just minutes away from one of the Natural Seven Wonders of the World - Iguazu Falls.

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Puerto Bemberg Lodge

Style: Heritage

The perfect combination of natural history and comfort, Puerto Bemberg Lodge is a 400 hectare estate in the Misiones jungle…

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Yacutinga lodge

Style: Lodge

Yacutinga is an eco-friendly lodge and private wildlife nature reserve, surrounded by the Iguazu National Park and located 42km away…

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Activities in Puerto Iguazú

Visit to the Brazilian Side of Iguazu Waterfalls

On this half day tour, take in the incredible panoramic view of Iguazu Waterfalls. From the amazing vantage points in Brazil, marvel at the sheer beauty and amazing magnitude of this natural wonder. (Duration 4 hours, if you have a preference for timing, please tell your travel consultant at the time of booking, otherwise our team will schedule the tour at the best available time. Private Activity)

Visit to Jesuitic Ruins of San Ignacio

Drive from Iguazu south to the ruins of the Jesuit Mission San Ignacio, a UNESCO-World-Cultural Heritage since 1984, is one of the best-preserved sites in Argentina. Take a guided walking tour of the mission, built by Jesuit monks in 1632 in their attempt to civilize the local Guarani Indians. The site was abandoned in 1767 when the Spanish King expelled the Jesuit monks from South America, and then rediscovered in 1897. The mission illustrates a unique chapter in Argentina’s colonial past. (08:00 to 18:00, 7 hours drive, Private Activity)

Visit to the Argentine Side of Iguazu Waterfalls

Gain a deep perspective of the breathtaking waterfalls, recently named one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Three sets of trails and walkways allow you to explore the natural beauty of the falls and the surrounding jungle as you walk through the national park. On the lower circuit take in a view of the falls from below, feeling part of the natural surroundings, and sensing their great magnitude. The upper circuit takes you above the falls where you get a different perspective of the same waterfalls you just saw on the lower circuit. And no visit to Iguazu is complete without viewing the Devil’s Throat Falls, where you stand just feet from the thundering cascades of water tumbling to depths below. (09:00 to 15:00. Private Activity)

Included activities at Puerto Bemberg Lodge

Included Activities in Puerto Bemberg: Jungle, water and Guaraní culture distinguish the diverse activities available at Puerto Bemberg. Guests can participate in motorboat tours on the Parana River, navigation to Yasy, Diamonte Azul and Bella Vista waterfalls, animal and Birdwatching, hiking along the jungle trails, visit to the Itatí chapel. Bicycles are also available for you to enjoy on the property. For more information on the various excursions available, visit the hotel website: www.puertobemberg.com

Included activities at Yacutinga (2/3 Nights)

Urugua-I Provincial Park and rural areas • Yerba mate plantations • Boating along the San Francisco stream • Photo-safari and general fauna observation • Nature walks • Visit to the forest at night.

Eco Rafting on the Iguazu River

Enchance your visit to the Argentina side of the Iguazu Waterfalls with a tranquil rafting experience on the Iguazu River. Admire the beauty of the river and the park learning about the regional flora and fauna, and if you are lucky perhaps even catch sight of an alligator or a monkey. (Duration 30 minutes, Group Activity, Maximum 17 people, Combined with the Visit to the Argentine Side of Iguazu Waterfalls Activity)

Iguazu 1h Great Adventure

Enchance your visit to the Argentina side of the Iguazu Waterfalls with an exciting boat ride up the Iguazu River. Begin your adventure in the heart of the national park with a ride by truck through the subtropical rainforest to the launch point on the river. Embark on a thirty minute navigation up the Iguazu River. End this fun-filled adventure by going up under the waterfalls themselves, getting a stunning view, and also nice and wet. (Duration 1 hour, Group Activity, Maximum 45 people in the boat, Combined with the Visit to the Argentine Side of Iguazu Waterfalls Activity)

Iguazu 10min Helicopter flight from Brazil

Enchance your visit to the Brazilian side of Iguazu Waterfalls with an exciting and scenic helicopter ride. Fly over the river taking in the stunning might of the Devil’s Throat Waterfall and the beauty spread out below you. Keep your camera at the ready whilst breathing in this unique experience. This ten minute soul-enriching adventure guarantees lifetime memories. (Duration 10 minutes, Group Activity, Maximum 7 people, Combined with the Visit to the Brazilian Side of Iguazu Waterfalls Activity)

Nautical Adventure in Iguazu

Enchance your visit to the Argentina side of the Iguazu Waterfalls with an exciting boat ride up under the falls. This short, yet adventurous boat-trip with a small group is sure to exhilarate as it approaches the roaring façade of the falls themselves. Prepare to get soaked, which is indeed a welcome refresher to the tropical heat! (Duration 10 minutes, Group Activity, Maximum 45 people in the boat, Combined with the Visit to the Argentine Side of Iguazu Waterfalls Activity)


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