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Cuisine in Bolivia

Cuisine in Bolivia

What can you expect from the cuisine in Bolivia? Our experts have some tips to share with you.

Given the several distinct climatic regions and the abundance of natural resources, it is no wonder that Bolivian cuisine is divided by regionality and infused with local ingredients.

Traditional food of Native Americans of Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, South America
Typical Bolivian food
Excellent / 4.9 out of 5
Aerial view of La Paz in Bolivia

Andean Staples and La Paz

During your Bolivia tour you will find that in the Andes, cuisine is characterised by the staple grains quinoa and rice, a plethora of potato varieties – native to the Andes, and llama or alpaca meat. Meals commonly consist of delicious, warm and filling stews and soups. In the lowlands and tropical regions, food is based around yucca, plantains and beef.

Take a food tour of the country’s administrative capital. La Paz, Bolivia’s most modern city, is heavily influenced by international food and has many pizzerias, fast food joints, Chinese restaurants (called chifas), rotisseries, and some high-end continental eateries.

Cuisine in Bolivia – Our tips:

  • On a Bolivia tour, you should not eat with your hands, unless it is fast food such as burgers and hot dogs.
  • Lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day, and this is followed by an afternoon nap.
Choripan - Food in Argentina

Popular Food in Bolivia

Here is some typical Bolivia food to whet your appetite:

  • Anticuchos: kebabs made with heart of beef
  • Salteñas: a baked empanada filled with meat and a sweet and spicy sauce
  • Choripan: a sausage sandwich
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