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Top 10 Cruises in Asia that will make Your Vacation one to Remember

There is something truly unique about a luxury cruise down Asia’s magnificent and iconic rivers. Discover our top 10 favorites for your cruise of a lifetime! There is something truly unique about a luxury cruise down Asia’s magnificent and iconic rivers. Discover our top 10 favorites for your cruise of a lifetime!

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Couples enjoying in cruise during sunset
Author: Arthur Peirce

Are you looking for the top 10 cruises in Asia for your vacation? Look no further, for here is a list of our favorite cruise vacations in Asia! 

Luxury cruises in Asia can be an experience unlike any other. This is a continent of brilliantly diverse scenery, from dense jungles to sandy deserts. However, seeing these places overland can be challenging. Thankfully, there are ways to see and experience Asia at its most beautiful, aboard a luxury cruise. There are literally hundreds of Asian cruise routes which explore the continent’s beautiful waterways. The list which follows is but a small sample of the countless cruises in Asia for you to enjoy.

10 The Jayavarman Cruise

A Journey on the Jayavarman is like taking a trip back in time. The ship’s design is inspired by both the splendor and elegance of 1920s-1930s Art Deco France, and the exotic romance of Asia. Every inch of the ship is elegantly decorated and covered in Vietnamese lacquer paintings or historic artifacts. Walking around the ship, it’s easy to think you’re in some grand art gallery or museum all the while gently sailing on a Mekong River Cruise.

Aside from the artistry, the Jayavarman offers a spa, a Jacuzzi, a dining hall, a lounge and a well stocked bar. Because of this, the ship is the most elegant and luxurious way to travel down the Mekong delta. The cruise will take you from My Tho, the nearest port to Ho Chi Minh City, to Siem Reap in Cambodia. Both cities are places of immense historic and cultural significance. So from the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave,you’ll be able to enjoy the best these area have to offer.

9 The Oberoi Vrinda: One of the truly authentic cruises in Asia

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda isn’t so much a cruise as it is a floating hotel, which transports you safely, and comfortably, down the tranquil backwaters of lush green Kerala. As you are transported, through the Vembanad Lake, and down the scenic waterways of Alleppey, you’ll pass rustic townships and villages, in an area once called “the Venice of the East”.

In the evenings, the vessel hosts a range of fabulous cultural programs to showcase the best local musicians, dancers, and performers who will entertain you and your fellow passengers in vibrant displays of culture. If you are seeking complete and utter luxury, book a deluxe cabin which gives you access to your own personal butler 24 hours a day. The ship’s kitchen produces delicious local dishes, including the fresh catch of the day, prepared my masterful chefs in authentic local style or any other that you prefer.

8 Road to Mandalay

If you want to enjoy a cruise in Myanmar, the Belmond’s Road to Mandalay cruise is an excellent choice. Aboard it you’ll be gently taken to Mandalay down the Irrawaddy river.

Cruises in Asia
Cruises in Asia

Unlike many cruises listed here, the Road to Mandalay features a swimming pool on the top sundeck allowing you to take a relaxing dip as you sail past quaint riverside villages and ancient temples. With 43 cabins on board, the ship is never crowded, or full, so you have plenty of space to stretch your legs and savor the privacy.

7 Amara Cruise

The Amara cruise, like the above-mentioned Road to Mandalay is a cruise down the Irrawaddy river. The ship itself is beautiful, built in the timeless Myanmar design and decked with the famous Burmese teak wood paneling. It’s almost like a riverboat from another era, and yet, it is equipped with all the best modern touches and amenities you can expect.

The ship is much smaller than many of the cruise ships listed here, giving it a quaint and homely feel. The ship’s on board spa ensures that every moment of your journey is relaxing as comfortable as possible.

6 Anawrahta – ‘The Great King’ of Burmese motor cruises

The Anawrahta, is named after the founder of the Myanmar and a great Buddhist leader who helped spread the religion across the land. Aboard, you can explore the waterways of his nation in style, and truly live like a king. The ship is designed like a colonial era British steam paddle boat, connecting it to a opulent bygone era. This is an Asian cruise of real heritage.

A day on the Anawrahta is one you won’t soon forget. In the morning, head to the sundeck pool for a relaxing swim.  After this, perhaps sign up for a massage at the cruise’s fabulous spa, where you can enjoy local and traditional treatments by masterfully trained masseuses. Then, head towards the restaurant to enjoy your favorite dish or a delicious local delicacy before retiring to Kipling Bar with its open and spacious interior, wooden cladding, and well stocked bar, all the while gently floating down the river.

5 MV. Mahabaahu

The MV. Mahabaahu is based in the enchanting Assam region of India. Overland travel in the region is difficult, so exploring it via the Brahmaputra River ensures you’ll be able to enjoy this land in style and luxury. The region is home to countless and diverse species of wildlife, including the rugged wild water buffalo, Indian Elephants, you may even catch a glimpse of the regal Bengal Tiger. All of which you may see as you glide down the river or on a safari. It’s truly a paradise for the lover of animals.

Cruises in Asia

Cruises in Asia

The ship boasts an onboard spa, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and lounge. Some of the cabins even have their own private balconies. All this makes it one of the most unique Asian cruises.

4 Assam Bengal Navigation

Assam Bengal Navigation is an extremely experienced cruise operator. It was the first operator to run cruises down the legendary Ganges River in Bengal. The line is true pioneer of Indian waterways. The Ganges cruises, whether you sail for four days or fourteen, will take you to stunning temples, and past rustic villages. The cruise will even take you to Bodhgaya, one of the holiest places in Buddhism, where the Buddha achieved enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. As such, those seeking a uniquely spiritual Asian cruise experience will find much to enjoy. In terms of destinations on offer, its one of the most culturally significant cruises in Asia. The best time to cruise is during August or September when the full route to Varanasi is available on the Ganges line.

3 Alexa Cruise: Komodo Island cruise; an Asian cruise with a difference

The Alexa cruise is one of the only cruises to Indonesia’s Komodo National Park, an area globally recognized to be of ecological significance. It is home to the legendary Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest species of reptile. That’s not all, the nearby waters are rich with diverse species of marine life which you may see as the Alexa, a small and intimate boat, glides through the water.

Cruises in Asia
Cruises in Asia

Unlike all the other Asian cruises on this list, the Alexa is truly exclusive with room for only you your partner. This ship is probably one of the most romantic cruise experiences in the world and is an Asian cruise unlike any other.

2 The Halong Violet

The Violet is outfitted and decorated in a charming 1930s Indochina Fashion. However, don’t let this appearance fool you, for this is true modern luxury cruising. Each themed cabin has its own marble bathroom, balcony, and even a Jacuzzi.

Halong Violet
Halong Violet

From your balcony you’ll be able to observe the stunning scenery around Halong Bay and Sunrise Cave. Upgrades can include a number of wonderful benefits, including a morning Tai Chi class on the beautiful sun deck, and cooking demonstrations by the experienced chefs aboard. Once aboard, expect is a bar, restaurant, library, and gym. So there is plenty to keep you busy and entertained.

1 The Heritage Jasmine

The Jasmine is designed like a traditional Vietnamese Junk with tawny sails, and dark polished wooden cladding which decks both the exterior and the interior of the cruise giving it a uniquely rustic, Vietnamese feel. Aboard the Jasmine, which takes you, like the Violet, around beautiful Halong Bay, you can luxuriate daily, experiencing traditional massage treatments, and Tai chi classes from the sundeck. There are few Asian Cruises as relaxing as the Jasmine.

Cruises in Asia
Cruises in Asia

Each one is an experience of a lifetime. Finding the right cruise can be difficult but we are happy to take care of some or much of the minutiae, ensuring that from the moment you decide to book, to the moment your cruise reaches the port, you will be well looked after.

Discover the magnificent waterways of Asia on a customized cruise.

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