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Top 10 Unique Luxury African Safaris for You

Here’s our list of the top 10 wildest and most unusual African vacation ideas across eastern and southern Africa.

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Helicopter ride on your luxury African safari.
Author: Saon Bhattacharya

Embark on a luxury African safari vacation filled with unique African wildlife experiences. Track white rhinos and chimps, try a canopy walk over a rainforest, sleep in romantic star beds, go quad biking in the desert or take a ‘blue safari’ underwater – Africa is yours to explore!

10 Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk, Rwanda

Take a thrilling canopy walk at Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda – this national park is one the oldest African rainforests! You’ll be stunned at the rich biodiversity of Nyungwe, observed from your perch high up over the forest canopy. Spot exotic plants, mammals, birds and butterflies beneath, above and around you on this unique luxury African safari experience.

Did you know?

The 160-meter long canopy bridge over the park has three sections. The longest stretch covers 90 meters, and the highest point hangs 70 meters above the forest floor!

Canopy walk at Nyungwe in Rwanda
Canopy walk at Nyungwe in Rwanda

Best Time to Travel

  • Rwanda: December to March

9 Chimpanzee Habituation in Uganda and Tanzania

Be part of a unique luxury African safari experience by assisting the ‘habituation’ process of wild chimps.

Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania

Discover one of Tanzania’s best-kept secrets – the wild chimpanzees of Rubondo Island National Park, the largest island national park in Africa. Chimpanzees were introduced to Rubondo about half a century ago. Recently, the Tanzania National Parks Authority and researchers are making efforts to ‘habituate’ these chimps, both so that they begin to trust human presence and to promote tourism. Join the habituation team at Rubondo Island Camp as they trek into the island forest to study chimp behavior and acclimatize them to humans in a safe and natural way.

Did you know?

The first batch of chimps introduced into Rubondo were rescued from zoos and circuses across Europe in the 1960s.

Read more about Rubondo.

Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda

Go chimpanzee trekking into forests that boast the densest concentration of primates on the planet. Accompanied by a researcher and guide, set off at first light with packed picnic hampers to watch chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Follow these fascinating primates through forested landscapes as they go about their daily lives, learning more about primate behavior in Uganda‘s forests.

Best Time to Travel

  • Uganda: June – October, December – March.
  • Tanzania: Mid December – March

8 White Rhino Tracking at Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch, Uganda

White rhinos are a critically endangered species. Be a part of the conservation efforts of the Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch in Uganda, which arranges rhino treks on foot. On this unique luxury African safari, track the one-horned pachyderm in the company of an expert. Learn all about rhino behavior and experience the thrill of spotting them in their natural habitat. The region is home to the only wild rhinos left in Uganda.

Did you know?

Thanks to the efforts of Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority, rhinos are now being reintroduced into the protected Ugandan forests after near extinction due to hunting and poaching.

Best Time to Travel

  • Uganda: June – October, December – March.

7 Bushman Walk in Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch, Namibia

On a planet where natural resources are disappearing at a distressing pace, there are still indigenous communities who share a profound connection with their natural world. Discover the unique way of life of the Kalahari (San) Bushmen, the original hunter-gatherers of vast spans in southern Africa. The Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch arranges for ‘Bushman Walks’ to a demonstrative village homestead, so you can meet the gracious San people who will share their traditional wisdom with you.

Did you know?

1980s South African comedy film series, ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’, attracted global attention to the Kalahari Bushmen and their unspoiled world.

Best Time to Travel

  • Namibia: April to October

Read more about the San People of the Kalahari

6 Sand Boarding and Quad Bike Safari Adventures in the Namib

Discover the exhilaration of quad biking on your luxury African safari. Drive through the dramatic landscape of the Namib desert, with its sand dunes and valleys hemmed in by rocky desert mountains. Following a safety briefing by your local guide, set off on a three-hour quad bike ride in the Namib Desert. Framed against the raw beauty of Namibia‘s stark desertscape with the wind in your hair, it’s a wild adventure!

Did you know?

The Namib Desert is among the driest spots on our planet. Yet, it is home to unique plants and insects that survive on the cold fog flowing in from the Atlantic Coast.

Take a delicious picnic break along the way, before cruising down golden dunes on sand boards. Stop atop a dune to watch the sun set behind the rugged landscape that is forever changing with the wind and the sun.

Best Time to Travel

  • Namibia: April to October

5 African Wildlife Experience over the Okavango Delta

Take a helicopter safari ride over the Okavango Delta overflowing with some of the richest game and bird life on our planet. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, much of this inland delta is, understandably, inaccessible by road. Chopper flights are your best option for a bird’s eye view of dramatic game sightings across a landscape crisscrossed by riverine islands and oxbow lakes.

Did you know?

The doors are often left open on these sightseeing chopper flights, offering spectacular game sightings and aerial wildlife photography opportunities.

Best Time to Travel

Botswana: July to October

4 Microlight Flights over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia

Marvel at the thundering Victoria Falls from close quarters! Take short half-hour microlight flights over the mighty Zambezi River and the spectacular falls, and give in to the incredible adrenaline rush. You’ll also soar over the famed Batoka Gorges before gliding along the Musi O-Tunya National Park.

Did you know?

Birding enthusiasts will be delighted to spot more than 100 avian species in the national park, including the rare African Finfoot.

Best Time to Travel

  • Zambia/Zimbabwe: June to August

(Note: Microlight flights are entirely dependent on weather conditions).

3 Blue Safari Luxury Holidays in Mauritius

Dive into the blue depths of the Indian Ocean on your luxury vacation in Mauritius for a unique underwater safari ride! Every non-swimmer’s diving dream come true, explore the wild beauty of a marine world from your underwater scooter. Whether by yourself or with a partner, your safety is guaranteed by an accompanying underwater guide. Discover the exotic marine life of Mauritius, and if you’re lucky, maybe even a dolphin or two!

Did you know?

Look out for the rich marine flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean. Catch exotic sea birds flying overhead and colorful tropical fish swimming along with you!

Best Time to Travel

  • Mauritius: November to April

2 ‘Out of Africa’ Luxury African Safaris in Nairobi

Enjoy the unique experience of dining on the sets of a famous Hollywood movie, at the home of Florian Keller, Co-founder of Enchanting Travels. The Ngong Dairy was used as the Danish author Karen Blixen’s home in the film sets of Oscar-winning film ‘Out of Africa’, featuring veteran actors Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Originally owned by the widow of Jomo Kenyatta, the first prime minister of Kenya, you’ll be served dinner by the fireplace where some of the most iconic scenes from the movie were shot. For Florian, living here has been a dream come true, and he thoroughly enjoys sharing this experience with Enchanting Travels guests!

Did you know?

Director Sydney Pollack’s ‘Out of Africa’ won 28 film awards, including 7 Academy Awards in 1986. That year, however, Meryl Streep lost the Best Actress Oscar to Geraldine Page for her leading role in The Trip to Bountiful.

Best Time to Travel

  • Nairobi, Kenya: June to February

Read more about the Ngong Dairy Experience

1 Romantic star beds for your luxury African safari

If you have ever dreamed of sleeping under a star-studded African sky, this unique luxury African safari vacation is definitely for you. Discover romantic sleep-out experiences at luxury game camps and wildlife lodges in Kenya, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

Sleeping with the Stars at Il Ngwesi Lodge, Kenya

These thatched cottage-like rooms of Il Ngwesi Lodge offer romantic ‘star beds’ by night and wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities by day. Overlooking a watering hole with spectacular views of the surrounding Mararoi Hills and the Samburu Valley in Kenya, sleep in large four-poster ‘star beds’ on the wraparound verandas armed with sturdy mosquito netting.

Date with the Stars at Meno A Kwena, Botswana

While most luxury African safari accommodations in the Kalahari Salt Pans let you sleep under a canopy of stars, Meno A Kwena is our favorite! Set above the Boteti River overlooking the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, this is where the action is! Watch animals congregate at the river all day, and then drift off to sleep under a starry sky.

Did you know?

Meghan Markle is said to have had her first African safari experience at Meno A Kwena, when HRH Prince Harry gifted her an exotic vacation for her birthday in August 2017.

Read more about the spectacular Kalahari Salt Pans

Kanana Camp at the Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango delta offers a contrasting landscape to the stark Kalahari Salt Pans of Botswana. Kanana Camp offers a two-level sleep-out deck under a tall shady tree. While the open-air upper deck has a romantic star bed fitted with a gossamer mosquito net, the lower deck houses a covered bush toilet facility. Enjoy the rustic chic arrangement overlooking a watering hole that attracts abundant game through the seasons.

Star Gazing at Mobile Game Camps, Zambia

luxury African safari - Nsolo Bush Camp

An evening under a canopy of stars in Zambia.

Game camps across Zambia’s great parks offer varied luxury African safari experiences, including sleep-out options. Enjoy your vacation in Zambia’s great outdoors – right from the parklands of Liuwa Plain to the forested South
Luangwa and the dramatic landscapes of Lower Zambezi.

Stars for Company at Nkwichi Lodge, Mozambique

Enjoy a wildly wonderful experience of sleeping under a canopy of stars at Nkwichi Lodge, nestled on the shores of Lake Malawi. Sit by the lakeshore, sipping sundowners as you watch a spectacular sunset over the shimmering waters. Savor alfresco, romantic dinners by the light of softly glowing lanterns, fireflies and a starry sky above. Stargazing was never so special, as you go off to sleep on your romantic star bed strung with lanterns and a gossamer net….

Best Time to Travel

● Kenya: July to September
● Botswana: July to October
● Zambia: June to August
● Mozambique: April to September

(Note: All star bed experiences are subject to weather conditions and availability).

Discover these unique wonders of your luxury African safari with us. Tell us your travel dream and we’ll create a tailor-made, obligation-free itinerary for you!

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