Kandy was established in the 14th century and was the last independent city and capital of the Singhalese kingdom. Despite successfully defying many invaders for over 300 years, including fierce Portuguese and Dutch colonialists, the city fell to the British in the 19th century. Today, Kandy stands proudly with its fusion of colonial, Buddhist and post-independent Bawa architecture that adorn its streets, whilst enveloping a manmade lake. The city’s outskirts are provincial and incredibly scenic, with abounding rubber and tea plantations and paddy fields. Each year, Kandy hosts the world renowned Esala Perahera, a magnificently regal parade, complete with decorated elephants, trumpet fanfare and costumed drummers.


  • Tooth Temple
  • Magnificent Hills
  • Tea Plantations
  • Kandy Lake
  • Traditional Dance Performances

 Places to stay

Room at Clove Villa in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Clove Villa

Hotel Style: Boutique

Aptly dubbed a place of unpretentious luxury with its great service, Clove Villa is situated near Kandy in the surrounding hill country and provides easy access to the cityメs main sights.  See Hotel

Elephant Stables

Hotel Style: Boutique

Situated 15 minutes drive from Kandy, and perched on a hill overlooking the city, The Elephant Stables is a fascinating and lovingly preserved colonial period bungalow that is steeped in British history.  See Hotel

Exterior view of Mountbatten Bungalow in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Mountbatten Bungalow

Hotel Style: Boutique

Located approximately 15 minutes drive from Kandy, over a century has passed yet the renovated and refurbished Mountbatten Bungalow still epitomizes the regal and graceful era of Victorian rule.  See Hotel

Ozo Kandy

Hotel Style: International

OZO Kandy is located in the heart of the city and right on the banks of the central lake, making it an ideal hotel to explore the city by foot.  See Hotel

The Kandy House

Hotel Style: Boutique

A beautiful colonial estate bungalow once the ancestral home of a Kandyan family and recently refurbished to its glorious splendour.  See Hotel

Theva Residency

Hotel Style: Boutique

This new chic hillside residence offers the best of the last royal kingdom ヨ Kandy.  See Hotel

 Things to do

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Spend a half day at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, a three hour drive (80km) from Negombo. Witness the biggest herd of captive pachyderms in the world who journey to the river twice a day to bathe. Managed by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department, Pinnawala encourages both breeding and aiding the recovery and release of injured wild elephants back into the forest. The little jumbos, orphaned as their parents were victims of poachers/accidents, also splash about. Learn how they are tamed, reared and trained by their human keepers (known as mahouts) who bottle feed and bathe them.


Enjoy a round of Golf at the historic Colombo Nuwara Eliya Golf Course. This course is known for its beautiful natural design and frustrating challenges. Enjoy the serenity and aesthetics of your surroundings as you walk through this amazing course.

Visit to Knuckles Range

Explore the Knuckles National Heritage and Wilderness Area or the Knuckles Mountain Range, home to 5 major Forest formations resembling the knuckles on a persons folded fist. See a wide variety of uncommon fauna and flora, as well as endemic amphibians and reptiles like kirtisinghe

Kandy Perahera

View the Kandy Perahera from ‘roadside’ seats in the town of Kandy. Kandy

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