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Kurunegala Tours

Kurunegala is essentially a beautiful and busy ‘junction’ town, as it would have been called in its colonial heyday. It acts as a crossover or interchange point between your important Sri Lankan destinations of Colombo and Anuradhapura or even Kandy and Puttalam. Although off the beaten track, you will find that Kurunegala has its own little box of history and scenic landscapes to share. The town is tucked into a pretty little valley with a lake at the edge of town, encircled by a ring of ancient rocks. Most of these rocks are believed to represent animals. If you stare at them hard enough, you may even discover rock shapes of elephants, lions and tortoises! Although Kurunegala had served as a medieval capital of Sinhala for nearly half a century, not much remains of its medieval palaces or royal pavilions. What the town does have, however, is a massive white statue of the Samadhi Meditation Buddha, overlooking the town from one of the surrounding rock hills. The vantage point offers lovely panoramic views of the valley and the lake stretched out below. The Kurunegala or Rantalia Lake would also offer you peaceful lakeside views as the sun sets over the verdant valley.


  • Ancient Rock Formations
  • Samadhi Meditation Buddha
  • Rantalia Lake


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