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Explore architectural and cultural wonders at Anamadua that showcase the Buddhist heritage of Sri Lanka. Set in the northwest, Anamadua’s ancient rock inscriptions and Buddhist temples such as Parmakanda Vihara are as much sites of archeological significance as of historic appeal. Greet the day with a spot of Yoga or meditation amid serene verdant surroundings. Nature lovers will enjoy riding a boat through the centuries-old water channels that support this vibrant ecosystem, including surrounding forests replete with colorful birds and wildlife. Around town, several small eateries serve up delicious local dishes such as coconut sambol and kiribath, among others.


  • Ancient Rock Inscriptions
  • Temple Parmakanda Vihara
  • Water Channels

Activities in Anamaduwa

Group Birdwatching Tour by The Mudhouse

Start your day early and set out for birdwatching amid the surroundings at The Mudhouse in Anamaduwa. After a hot morning cuppa and a quick glance at the bird books kept in your rooms, pick up your binoculars and set off in the company of your local guide. Keep an eye out for the many interesting feathered species that flit around the lakes and surrounding woodlands. Look out for rose-rimmed parakeet, white-breasted muniah, painted stork, and white-throated kingfisher, which are only a few of the 100 documented bird species in these locales. Tune in to the myriad calls of these winged creatures and soon you may even learn to differentiate one species from one another! Wander along serene paths and lush lanes till you work up a hearty appetite for the delightful breakfast waiting for you back at the hotel. (Morning Activity; Duration: 1.5 hr; Fixed time; Shared Activity; Fitness level: Easy; Please bring comfortable shoes, sunglasses & sun hats; Binoculars provided)

Group Kayaking Tour by The Mudhouse

Set out for a spot of kayaking at The Mudhouse in Anamaduwa. Venture out in the morning or late afternoon to one of the two gleaming lakes on the property. Choose your kayak, don your life-jacket and then make your way through leisurely waters. Watch out for colorful birds like the painted stork, white-throated kingfisher, and rose-ringed parakeet in the surrounding woodlands or just float along to the sounds of your surroundings. An hour of leisurely kayaking later, return to the comfort of your hotel. (Morning/late Afternoon Activity; Duration: 1 hr; Shared Activity; Fitness level: Easy; Please bring comfortable shoes, sunglasses & sun hats)

Places to Stay

Spirit of Sri Lanka

Style: Farmhouse / Estancia

The Mudhouse in Anamadua offers a serene stay amid picturesque surroundings in northwestern Sri Lanka. Circled by lakes and verdant woodlands, this farmhouse style hotel sprawls across clusters of scenic mud dwellings. Arrive at open-sided huts made of natural, locally sourced materials like daub and wattle.

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