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Ilha de Mozambique Trip

Ilha de Mozambique, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a small island off the north coast of Mozambique. Reached by a long bridge this tiny island is fascinating and is a melting pot of ancient history and diverse cultures spanning several centuries. The old Portuguese colonial Stone Town has a fortress, beautiful old churches, trading houses and a hospital. A large village sprawls down to the shore where its narrow alleys offer a glimpse of daily life, filled with local color and commerce. We recommend you tour the island on foot!


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  • Historical Sites
  • Authentic Culture
  • Diving
  • Snorkelling

Places to Stay

Deckchairs on the rooftop of Terraco das Quitandas Hotel in Ilha de Mozambique
Terraco das Quitandas

Style: Heritage

Terraço das Quitandas is a guest house, whose architecture and decoration are translated into a mix of details that link the East to Europe, and welcomes with great simplicity and tradition, allowing a unique experience of living with a remote but still present past.

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