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Beachside revelers in Mahe island, Seychelles - Seychelles Travel Guide - culture of Seychelles

Culture of Seychelles

Discover the vibrant culture of Seychelles with our travel tips.

The Seychellois, the citizens who live in Seychelles, are from varying ethnicities, many of which come from Africa, and this is reflected in all elements of the culture from music to cooking to architecture! Having said this, there is no indigenous culture of the country. Creole, French, and English are the primary languages spoken in Seychelles.

Influenced by Polynesian, Arcadian and Indian styles, folk music plays a big role, and you can expect some heavy beats of drumming and wonderful singing during your Seychelles tour. About 90% of Seychellois are Catholic and there are also Protestant Christians, Muslims, and Hindus inhabiting the islands.

Even with organized religion in full-flow, many Seychellois believe in witchcraft, sorcery, and magic as these traditions were brought over with the African slaves. The Seychellois also believe in ghosts and during your Seychelles tours, you may find each island has its own myths and fables. It is not uncommon for shamans, known as bonom di bwa (man of the woods), to consult on daily life.

Top Seychelles Travel Tips: Culture

  • You can witness the culture for yourself during the Creole Festival, which takes place every October
  • Don’t miss the moutya, a traditional, erotic dance that has its roots in the sad history of island slavery
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