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Berlin Cathedral By River Against Sky - Is Germany safe

Is Germany safe?

If you’re planning a trip to Germany sometime soon, you’ll be glad to know it’s actually one of the safest countries in Europe. Violent crimes are rare and there’s little to no danger from infectious diseases or any native species.
Despite its excellent safety record, it’s still a good idea to be savvy when visiting Germany’s cities and if you’re out and about at night (particularly on your own).

As a general rule, you should:

  • Never leave bags unattended in public places
  • Avoid carrying large sums of cash around with you
  • Keep valuables locked away at your accommodation when you’re not using them
  • Always carry ID with you as German police can demand to view it at any time
  • Make copies of important travel documents or identification just in case they’re misplaced or stolen
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A cozy street in Berlin, Germany Tours

Cities and Towns

In general, metropolitan areas in Germany are safe, however, it’s still good to be wary if you’re traveling around after dark. Petty theft and pick-pocketing is not uncommon, with most criminals targeting busy tourist attractions and public transport. 

If you need to take the subway or a bus home late at night, it’s generally safer to sit near the driver or in a carriage with other people.

Three friends in beer tent at Dult or Oktoberfest holding giant pretzels up in the air

Events in Germany

Large events in Germany, such as the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, can attract large – often intoxicated – crowds. You’ll want to be extra cautious if you’re attending and keep your belongings close. If you’re heading back to your accommodation after an event, take a taxi or travel in a group. 

Sports events like football matches can draw a rowdy crowd, too. You’ll spot local German police at most matches, who you can speak to if you have any concerns or need to report a crime.

German police officer

Emergency Services

If you ever need medical, police or fire assistance while vacationing in Germany, you can contact the local emergency services for free on 112. Every state additionally has its own direct emergency phone numbers which can be worth storing in your mobile phone or writing down once you know which regions you’re likely to be visiting. 

Young redhead girl in coat near lake in Alps, Germany Tours

Is Germany safe? Hear from our Experts

Our destination experts are happy to advise your further on which areas to visit when and tailor your tour around your interests. If you still have questions about whether Germany is safe, get in touch with our experts today. 


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