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Barli Holiday

Barli is a typical Indian picturesque village, situated off Rajasthan’s beaten path, with a small population of just over 1,000 residents. The village has hardly changed in centuries and could be described as a place that time forgot. Legends of Rajput princesses and heroes can invoke your imagination. The medieval period is brought into contemporary life with the dominant old Fort Barli that perches on a hill and is brimming with watchtowers, and a tranquil inner courtyard. Today, Fort Barli is a hotel boasting elegant rooms, allowing you to experience classic heritage within this wonderfully rural setting.


  • Heritage
  • Relaxation
  • Wine & Food


  • Village Life
  • Fort Barli
  • Bullock Cart Ride
  • Local Markets

Activities in Barli

Highlights of Barli

Enjoy a leisurely stroll or a bicycle ride through the village and experience the peaceful unrushed lifestyle of its people. One can also choose to relax in the pool or let oneself get pampered with exotic massages. Picnics and romantic candle lit dinners can be arranged as well.

FortBarli-Yoga Sessions

(Only if staying at Fort Barli) Take some time to let yourself go….relax mind, body and soul with serene Yoga sessions held by yoga experts (on prior appointment).

FortBarli-Picnic Tour

(Only if staying at Fort Barli) Be personally escorted on a fascinating tour of fun, frolic and gaiety to a nearby (just a short drive away) water body with large catchment area, with picture-perfect vistas and excellent bird watching opportunities – both local and migratory birds.

FortBarli-Mehendi Palms & Feet

(Only if staying at Fort Barli) Many Indian customs and traditions require beautiful and intricate Mehandi/Henna be applied to your hands and feet. Why not have a go…let your hands and feet be adorned by amazing Mehendi/Henna designs by special experts in the field. It stays on for several days.

FortBarli-Bullock Cart Safari

(Only if staying at Fort Barli) Guests are taken on a unique Bullock Cart (adorned and cushioned) Safari through the village to explore rural life at close quarters. Indulge in village sightseeing; visiting colorful markets, ancient cenotaphs with fresco paintings depicting mythology, ongoing village schools, a temple with fine mirror work (shishmahal); exploring rural house and interacting with people. Visit a craftsman house to see leather works and also view pottery manufacture.

FortBarli-Ayurvedic Massage

(Only if staying at Fort Barli) After much sightseeing, relax your body and feet with soothing traditional Ayurvedic massages (lady on lady / man on man) using different Ayurvedic oils for body and hair. Worked on pressure points from head-to-toe, the massage affords complete rejuvenation for the tired, stressed body.


(Only if staying at Fort Barli) Ever wondered about your past life….or where you will be in the future or next life?? Get your curiosity ‘fed’ by having a sitting with an Astrologer…who know what he may reveal!!!

Complementary Activities at Fort Barli

(Only if staying at Fort Barli) Imagine being transported in time to that era of Maharaja’s and Maharani’s. Here you can regale in an experience of a bygone era…get dressed up in traditional royal outfits, adorned with jewelry and be a Maharaja or Maharani…even if for a day! Be escorted around the Fort and introduced to Rajput Art and Architecture, as depicted in the old monument. Visit the Mardana (male) and Zanana (female) sections; the Armory, Treasury, Assembly Halls, Revenue Stores and all utilitarian areas of a bygone era.

Places to Stay

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Fort Barli

Style: Heritage

Fort Barli is a unique way to experience Rajasthan in all its vibrant glory.

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