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Cuisine in Argentina

What can you expect from the cuisine in Argentina? Our experts have some tips to share with you.

Argentina’s cuisine is characterised heavily by immigrant influence and by its chief national product, beef. Our Argentina tours introduce you to the customary barbecues the country is famous for. Asados (traditional barbecues) traditionally feature various cuts of meat, sausages and blood sausages and other parts of the cow like sweetbreads and chitterlings.

Street Food in Argentina: Discover the Best Kept Secrets
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Argentinian meat

Argentine beef is some of the very best in the world. Preparing meat in Argentina is a cultural ritual as well as a gastronomic event. Argentineans do not add any seasoning or sauces to their meat before cooking, only coarse salt, and it is grilled to perfection using parrillas (wood-burning grills).

In Patagonia, asados usually will be lamb rather than beef. A lamb asado is distinct in that the full lamb is roasted for several hours on an iron cross over hot coals from an open fire. A gaucho ritual, usually these asados are quite rustic, eaten without plates or silverware, cutting slices of meat right off the bone.

Street Food in Argentina: Discover the Best Kept Secrets

Colonial cuisine in Argentina

Aside from meat, typical food in argentina consists of delectable fresh pastas and pizzas, without a doubt a direct result of the dominant Italian immigrant influence. Also, be sure to try the artisanal ice creams which rival the best gelato in Italy. Dulce de leche is another Argentinean gift to the culinary world. This sweet milk caramel is found in almost everything from ice cream and cookies to cakes and pastries. You might find it so delicious you’ll eat it with a spoon directly from the jar!

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Drink up in Argentina!

Try some yerba mate during your trip to Argentina – a strong herbal tea drunk from a gourd with a metal straw, which is as much a cultural tradition and social activity as it is a national beverage. Loose leaves (yerba) are placed in the gourd and hot water is poured over the leaves and sucked up through the metal straw. Sharing yerba mate is layered with taboo and tradition, don’t touch the bombilla (metal straw), it is considered rude, and be sure to drink up all the water when you are served. Do not say gracias (thank you) unless you don’t want anymore.

Sample delicious wines on your Argentina tours. One of the chief wine-producers of the Americas, Argentinean wine is also famed worldwide and can be best experienced on through Argentina wine tours. Malbec is the characteristic full-bodied red while Torrontes is the well-balanced white grown in Northern regions.

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Popular food in Argentina

If you’re keen to sample some typical Argentinian food, sample some of these:

  • Empanadas: small meat-filled pastries
  • Milanesa: breaded meat or veal cutlets fried or baked and served with french fries or mashed potatoes
  • Choripan: common street food, which is a simple yet delicious sandwich consisting of grilled pork sausage, crusty bread
  • Chimichurri: a seasoning made from finely chopped herbs and garlic.
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