What began as a seaside village and local holiday destination for urban crowds from Recife, has today grown into the popular Brazilian beach town of Porto de Galinhas. Over the passing years, its palm fringed beaches, pretty fishing boats, and quirky beach shacks have given way to trendy restaurants and international resort chains. Its extensive white sand beaches and bits of its original laid back, rural air, however, continue to attract tourists to its pretty shores. The pristine, sprawling beaches and the open seas of Porto de Galinhas beckon with promises of a Brazilian paradise, complete with fun, food and fiesta!


  • White sand beaches
  • Trendy restaurants
  • Relaxation

Places to Stay

Kembali Porto de Galinhas

Style: Boutique

Kembali Porto de Galinhas offers you a comfortable and refreshing stay at Porto de Galinhas. The peppy and quirky décor of this beach hotel is also reflected in its bright and spacious rooms.

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Nannai Resort & Spa

Style: Beach Resort

Nannai Resort & Spa offers you a comfortable and fun filled stay in Praia do Forte. Nestled amid white sands at Muro Alto Beach, expect a resort built along eco-friendly design concepts, using natural, local materials.

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