Petrohué in Chile

Petrohué is nestled between the Lago Todos los Santos and at the base of the Osorno volcano. 64 km from Puerto Varas and 84 km from Puerto Montt, it is a gem of the Chilean Lake District. Petrohué is an indigenous word that means smoking place, most likely due to the steam that rises from the waterfall of Petrohué. Visitors hike the 6 km to the beautiful Saltos (waterfalls) and behind the hosteria there are several popular trails leading up to the top of Osorno. Few places in the world offer such access to so much: volcanoes, rivers, glaciers, islands, and mountains! A fascinating place for those who appreciate adventure and life in great outdoors.


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Places to Stay

Hotel Petrohué

Style: Lodge

The Petrohué enjoys a wonderful location in the middle of the oldest National Park of Chile - the Vicente López Pérez, and is complemented by the picturesque Osorno volcano and one of many lakes in Patagonia.

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Activities in Petrohué

Full Day Lake Crossing to Bariloche from Petrohué

Arguably one of the most scenic border crossings in the continent, venture across the Andes Mountains into Chile on a full day excursion combining navigations along crystalline lakes and connecting overland journeys. Relax and enjoy the spectacular Andean scenery and fresh mountain air as you make your way through snow-capped peaks, deep azure lakes and lush green forests. (Approximately 08:00 to 20:00. Group Activity. Maximum 280 people on the boat. Activity begins in Petrohue, Chile and ends in Bariloche, Argentina)

Included at Hotel Petrohué

During your stay at Hotel Petrohué discover the stunning natural beauty of the Chilean Lakes region. Select from trekkings, fly fishing excursions, kayaking, rafting and a zip-line adventure. Enjoy the wonders of nature on these adventure activities. For more detailed information on all the activities offered by Petrohué Lodge, please visit their website:


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