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Tayrona Tours

Tayrona is a large protected natural ecosystem with a diverse range of landscapes in northern Colombia, near the city of Santa Marta. The park is bound by the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea with its coral reefs and coconut palm fringed beaches to one side, and coastal lagoons skirted by lush tropical jungles on the other. Now close your eyes and imagine this entire stretch standing in the distant shadows of the towering Sierra Nevada mountain range…pretty spectacular, right? And this slice of paradise is also home to an equally rich diversity of plants and wildlife – varieties of birds, butterflies, primates and deer live here. The coastal lagoons and coves are also home to bat colonies, reptiles and amphibians, while the coral reefs are rich with an astounding array of marine life. Stunning beaches and scuba diving sites abound, as do strong marine currents and huge waves from the sea. The icing on the cake for travelers to the region are the pre-Hispanic archeological ruins at the Pueblito Village, said to have been built during the time of the indigenous Tayrona civilization.


  • Beaches
  • Landscape
  • Wildlife


  • Protected Eco-Reserve
  • Beaches, Mountains & Jungles
  • Rich Wildlife & Birds

Places to Stay

an empty park bench next to a palm tree
Cayena Beach Villa

Style: Boutique

Cayena Beach Villa offers you a relaxing and tranquil stay near the Tayrona National Park. The lovely property is nestled amid the spectacular Caribbean coastline with its palm-fringed beaches and a backdrop of forested mountains.

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