Discover the enchanting genesis stories attached with this pilgrimage site on your trip to southern Sri Lanka’s emerald highlands. The holy mountain is also known as ‘Sri Pada’—after the sacred footprint that some believe has been left behind by the Buddha on his journey to paradise. Others believe the footprint belongs to the Lord Shiva, the most powerful God of the Hindu Trinity. Still others believe that ‘Adam’s Peak’ was where Adam first set his foot on earth after being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. The high pilgrimage season is between December and May when the innumerable steps to the peak is illuminated all the way from the base to the mountain top like a lighted pathway to heaven! During other times of the year, the peak is often hidden by clouds. Experience ethereal views of the faraway coast or even of Colombo from the mountain top on clear dawns.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Hill Station
  • Tea Plantations
  • Old English Cottages
  • Lush Vegetation

Places to Stay

Exterior view at Wathsala Inn, Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka
Wathsala Inn

Style: Guest house

The closest hotel to the start point for the Adams Peak/Siri Pada hill climb, the Wathsala Inn is a cozy family run guesthouse with over 20 years of hospitality expertise.

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Activities in Adam’s Peak

Trek to Adam’s Peak

Admire flora and fauna galore whilst climbing 8,600 steps to the summit of Adam’s Peak, one of Sri Lanka’s most illustrious mountains located in the lush greenery of Hill Country on this full day trek. A footprint shaped impression (1.8 meters) on its summit has led to many a myth: Buddhists believe it belongs to Lord Buddha, Hindus say it is Lord Shiva’s, whilst Muslims claim it belongs to St. Thomas. This makes Adam’s Peak a key pilgrimage site. Early risers will be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking sunrise ever seen.


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