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Hi, I am Sangay Wangdi from Gasa, a remote district in Bhutan.

I am a very proud Bhutanese – we may be a small country but we are proud of our identity and the fact that we have a unique and ancient culture and traditions that are still intact. Ours is a country where you can look for true peace and happiness within yourself, and that is the main reason why Bhutan is popular for its GNH (Gross National Happiness), around the world!

Working for Enchanting Travels has given me ample opportunity to meet people who appreciate and understand the value of being a good human being. It has also given me the chance to upgrade my career as a professional tour guide. My Enchanting Travels guests in Bhutan are all really amazing people and I am happy for the chance to work with such a renowned tour operator.

Bhutan is brimming with natural beauty and stunning mountain peaks, so I am glad to be born in this Himalayan nation. I especially enjoy showing my guests rural areas so that they may experience the truly ancient lifestyles and traditions of my country and understand the unique heritage in our remotest destinations. I always hope that visitors to Bhutan are interested in these aspects, so that they can delve really deep into the real Bhutan that offers diverse and interesting experiences.

I love indulging in cultural exchanges with people all over the world and learning new things, and secondly, being a tour guide gives me an opportunity to continuously visit the holy sites in my country.

Sangay Wangdi

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