Ol Pejeta is a private wildlife conservancy, situated between the foothills of the Aberdares and the magnificent snow-capped Mount Kenya, and has one of the highest density of wildlife in Kenya and boasts an astounding variety of animals, including the “Big Five“. It offers very diverse safari activities, with day and night game drives, guided bush walks and camel riding safaris across its game-rich plains. The neighboring chimpanzee sanctuary is worth a visit for those who have an interest in our closest relatives. Ol Pejeta is also a good base for exploring the Aberdares, Mt Kenya and Solio Game Reserve. Solio is a private wildlife conservancy, situated between the foothills of the Aberdares and the magnificent snow-capped Mount Kenya, and home to over 70 Black and more than 150 White Rhino, as well as buffalo, zebra, giraffe and plains game such as Eland, Oryx, impala, waterbuck, gazelle and warthog.


  • Landscape
  • Wildlife


  • High Predator Density
  • Endangered Black Rhinos
  • Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Places to Stay

Kicheche Laikipia Camp

Style: Camp

Kicheche Laikipia Camp is a small luxury camp bordering a forest at the heart of the Ol Pejeta conservancy.

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Camp fire at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp in Laikipia - Ol Pejeta / Solio, Kenya
Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Style: Camp

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp is a small camp with just six traditional yet comfortable safari tents – each with its…

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Panorama of Rhino Watch Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya
Rhino Watch Lodge

Style: Lodge

Rhino Watch Lodge is a mid-range safari lodge located between the Aberdares Mountains and Mount Kenya. The lodge is surrounded by three wildlife reserves, namely Ol Pejeta, the Aberdares and Solio (Solio Reserve is home to approximately 250 rhinos).

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Sandai Homestay & Cottage

Style: Homestay

Sandai Homestay and Cottages is located close to Aberdares National Park neighbouring Solio Game Reserve and faces Mt. Kenya with its snow capped peaks.

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Activities in Laikipia – Ol Pejeta / Solio

Game Drives in Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Experience stunning wildlife sightings against the evocative backdrop of Africa’s Great Rift Valley on game drives in Kenya’s Central Highlands. The breathtaking vistas of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy is set amid the Aberdares foothills at one end and Mount Kenya on the other. It is extremely rich in large and small game as well as exotic birds, including the Big 5. Expect to spot endangered rhinos, Savanna elephants, lions, buffalo, endangered chimpanzees, zebra, giraffes, gnus, ostrich, ibis, pelicans, eagles and many more on thrilling game drives! The best time for game drives is in the early mornings when the animals are particularly active and in the late afternoons when the sun paints incredible colors across the horizon. If staying overnight inside the conservancy, you also have the opportunity for exciting night drives to observe rarely spotted nocturnal wildlife.

Game Drive in Solio Ranch

Encounter the endangered black as well as white rhinos in the Rhino Sanctuary as you drive through in your 4×4 vehicle. While you are at it, observe a multitude of wildlife such as buffaloes, lions, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, leopard, elands, warthogs, and many more, in their natural habitat. Nothing can compare with the experience of spotting these magnificent creatures roaming freely through their own land. Grab a pair of binoculars and spot a rich variety of birds unique to this wild landscape. You may even be able to identify their distinct calls with just a little help from your expert guide!


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