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Is Morocco safe

How to stay safe in Morocco

Is Morocco safe to visit? The country has more of a laid back feel to it for visitors and is, generally speaking, safer than its neighboring countries. Here are some simple guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your trip is complete safe and stress-free.

Morocco safety
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Safety in Morocco

Clothing in Morocco

While the larger cities and tourist destinations are generally safe, we recommend more conservative clothing especially for single female travelers, especially in the less-visited areas.

Road conditions

If you are driving around Morocco, pay close attention to the roads at all times. The quality of the roads varies quite a lot from one city to the next and some of the highland and desert roads are somewhat underdeveloped. Remember; to be vigilant since you are not in your home country.


While theft is not frequent, like anywhere else in the world, do exercise common sense, especially when in the souks and medina. When travelling, keep your valuables in a money belt strapped to yourself or some other secure device. Every hotel provides a safe, either in your room or at the front desk, so you can store your valuables safely. Despite some recent reports of robberies in Fes, it is generally considered a safe city, especially if compared to most of its European and American counterparts. However, we advise you to be cautious, and if you want to go out at night you can always ask your guide and chauffeur to accompany you.

Erg Chebbi in Morocco

Is Morocco safe for tourists?

You may meet faux guides when you are out and about by yourself. Such individuals may attempt to use broken English to convey that they would like to show you something or bring you somewhere where you may feel coerced into purchasing something. Please avoid and ignore these guides and stick only with the trusted guides that we have provided for you. If others approach, avoid eye contact and do not accept any free gifts they present to you.

Drugs are illegal in the country. The punishments for using or handling drugs are quite serious.

For more information on traveling, you could also read the Morocco travel advisory issued by your embassy.

Busy market in Marrakech

Travel tips: Clothing and decorum

As a foreigner, you are not expected to adopt the local dress code, but doing so will be regarded as proof of respect.

Since Morocco is an Islamic country, what is considered appropriate in terms of clothing, especially for women, is conservative in general when compared to Western standards. In rural communities and to a certain extent in Fes, the views tend to be more conventional. While in some of the bigger cities such as Marrakech or Casablanca, attitudes are much more relaxed and many local women dress in Western style.

Moroccan sense of decorum ask that men and women dress modestly. Shorts are not recommended for both genders, and arms and shoulders should be covered. As a foreigner, you are not expected to adopt the local dress code, but doing so will be regarded as proof of respect, which will be much appreciated and warmly reciprocated as well as help you avoid unwanted attention.

Girl explores ancient walled fortress known as the Kasbah des Oudayas in Morocco

Is Morocco safe to visit?

Morocco is a peaceful and welcoming country and locals show a lot of warmth and respect, so make sure to return the favor. Our Travel Consultants are happy to advise you on where to visit and what to do, so your trip is completely safe and stress-free and you are yet able to see the best of the country. While you are traveling, your dedicated Trip Coordinator will be available around the clock to assist you, along with your local guide and chauffeur, and our team members on the ground.


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