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The Menara gardens are botanical gardens located to the west of Marrakech, Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains - discover the best time to visit Morocco

When is the best time to visit Morocco? Our destination experts share an overview.

Moroccan weather can be unpredictable from October through February and can vary from one year to the next; some winters are moderate and others are wet and cold. Although you may encounter rain, the odds of this are greatest between November and February.

Generally, the months April, May, October and early November are the best times to visit Morocco for a more comfortable, temperate climate – one that may be easier for you to maneuver around from day to day.It is during this period that tourists can take part in many of the country’s biggest celebrations. The Marathon Des Sables, the world’s toughest foot race, takes places in April in the Sahara Desert for example

  Most Ideal Low Season


January is essentially the coldest and wettest month in Morocco. Bit it is also a good time to travel there is you want to escape the crowds, especially in the second half of the month. Temperatures usually range from around 50-68°F, but it can get hotter in the desert and cooler in the mountains. So carry layers! This is a good time to plan a visit to the desert or the mountains, given the weather conditions.


  • Explore Agafay desert at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains with its white sand dunes and rocks and variety of frog and turtle species on a camel ride
  • Get your fill of thrill with adventurous quad biking trips and exhilarating tent camping experiences in the desert


The weather in February is similar to that of January, but the temperatures usually creep up a degree or so, heralding the arrival of spring. Rainfall is less, compared to January, and this is a good time to head the desert before it gets terribly hot during the summers. The Atlantic coast, with its Mediterranean climate, is a good option around this time as well.


  • Take a leisurely swim in Oualidia’s spectacular natural saltwater lagoon or go for a boat ride in the lagoon
  • Feast on Oualidia’s famous oysters and enjoy fresh fish grilled for you right on the beach by local fishermen
  • Enjoy bird watching, especially around the salt marshes of Oualidia


With the start of the tourist season, Spring is considered the best time to visit Morocco. Average daytime temperatures usually range in the low to mid 60s, but do note these can drop considerably by late being and night, especially in the higher regions, so be pack accordingly. It’s still not too hot to visit the desert regions, but do note it can get warm during the day.


  • Explore the rich natural and architectural history of Ouarzazate, known as a Gateway to the Sahara Desert
  • Roam the cobblestoned alleys of the charming hilltop Andalusian-style village of Chefchaouen and don’t forget to photograph its striking sky-blue buildings
  • When at Chefchaouen visit its medina and bustling bazaars, medieval fortress and ethnographic museum and sample the city’s goat’s cheese!


This is one of the busiest times of the year so don’t forget to book early! Largely warm temperatures across the country make it a great time to explore and indulge in a variety of activities – from cultural tours to camping under the stars in the desert!


  • There’s so much to see in the ancient city of Marrakech! Base yourself in a charming riad as you explore the city’s souks and alleys
  • Admire Marrakech’s blend of Saharan and African traditions that give the city its unique architectural character
  • Attend the Sufi festival of Fes (in April)


May is ones of the best times to visit Morocco as conditions are largely warm and balmy and it is probably the last month of summer where you can venture into the desert without it becoming unbearably hot.


  • Laze around on Agadir’s clean sun-kissed sands, a drink in hand from one of the sea-facing bars
  • Visit its Souk el-had – a sprawling marketplace where you can find pretty much anything!
  • Take a camel ride in the vicinity of the Kasbah, or even near the beach
  • Head to Taroudant if you’d like to expand your understanding of Berber culture


This is the start of summer in Morocco so expect temperatures to start shooting up, uncomfortably so in some areas. It is a largely dry month, and crowds are usually high, so book well in advance!


  • Walk along the ramparts of the walled city in windy and colorful Essaouira or explore the town on camels or horseback or go on quad-bike excursions
  • Essaouira being a hub of artists, you will see plenty of handmade works of art in the modest souk
  • Lunch at the port with fresh fish cooked right in front of you is yet another highlight of Essaouira!


It’s hot and dry across Morocco so don’t forget the sunscreen, sunhat and drink loads of water. Daytime temperatures can touch in excess of 100°F across some parts, so keep that in mind, especially inland, though the coast can be a tad cooler.


  • Head to the romantic city of Casablanca and marvel at its old French legacy reflected in its handsome Mauresque buildings
  • There’s much to enjoy, from its Central Market to a bustling nightlife!
  • Spend time in Skoura, counted among the most beautiful oases in Morocco
  • Visit the impressive Amridil Kasbah, a citadel dating back to the 17th century
  • There are several cultural festivals celebrated across the country during this month, so do check for exact dates in case you wish to attend them


August is the hottest month in Morocco, which can often be deterring to some visitors. If you do plan to visit at this time, ensure you are well-hydrated at all times and ideally stay in a hotel that has a swimming pool.


  • Experience the elegant fusion of medieval Islamic heritage and a French colonial legacy in the charming capital city of Rabat
  • Don’t forget to sip on some Moroccan mint tea during your visits to the souks and immerse yourself in the region’s tea culture!


This month is a transition month as summer starts trailing into fall, so it can be a bit unpredictable in terms of weather, but expect temperatures to drop from the searing summer heights. The desert region though is still best avoided.


  • Walk through Old Fes – trawling the intact medieval city is a surreal experience
  • There are several cultural festivals happening across the country during this month, so do check the exact dates in case you want to be part of them!


This is one of the better times to visit the country as the sweltering heat of the summer finally abates. Temperatures are largely pleasant but you can expect a bit of rain and cloud so keep the ranger handy!


  • Stay in a riad in Fes and explore the city’s bustling souks, drenched in the smell of warm bread and spices
  • Ensure you sign up for a food tour in the city you are in to sample Morocco’s rich, flavorful cuisine. Don’t forget the tagine!
  • Head to the village of Imli from where you can attempt to scale Jbel Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain!


Temperatures begin to fall in November as winter is setting in around this time. Expect a fair bit of rain as well. With the lower temperatures, this is a good time to plan a visit to the desert or head for a hike!


  • Head to High Atlas mountain range of Morocco for an exciting trekking vacation with its many trails and stunning views of the valley
  • Explore the surrounding villages with their local crafts and produce as well as trekking supplies


Temperatures continue to drop as the winter season has firmly set in by now. Expect precipitation to gather steam across the country as well. The big cities get very busy around Christmas and New Year’s so book well in advance.


  • Head for a camel safari among the mystical sand dunes of Merzouga
  • Get a glimpse into the Berber way of life as you explore the hamlets in the region
  • Look upwards in stunned silence at millions of stars crowding the night sky when you camp overnight, with Bedouins, on the undulating red-tinged dunes of the Sahara

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Climate - Best time to visit Morocco

Climate in Morocco

Summer temperatures are high from June to early September. Most of the desert camps in the south are closed during the summer, as the heat can be unbearable. Although Marrakech is usually the first stop for culture travelers, Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, and Rabat, the capital, use their coastal positions and beaches, which are much cooler, to draw in huge numbers every year.

In general, the north and northwest have more of a Mediterranean climate. Central or inland Morocco is usually always warm and arid with temperatures often reaching into the high 90s. This climate feeds into the west Saharan coast in the southwest with temperatures ranging around 70-80° F all year round.

What to Pack

When is comes to dressing, remember that Morocco is still a predominantly Islamic country even if it has a more relaxed atmosphere than some of its neighbors. This means that as a foreigner you are not expected to adopt the local dress but doing so tends to show more respect. Think about where you are and where you are traveling to before dressing. If it is a central city like Casablanca or Marrakesh, western clothing is perfectly fine as long as it is smart but of course, if you journey into the desert or up into the highlands or a faraway rural village, you may need to reconsider your choice of apparel.

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