Visit Jane Goodall territory in Tanzania. Located on the shores of Africa’s deepest and longest freshwater lake, Tanganyika, Gombe Stream National Park can only be reached on a steamer. The forest-covered mountains rising steeply from the sandy lake shore, are home to chimpanzees that English primatologist Jane Goodall helped habituate to human presence. Many species of mammals and primates live in the park and the tropical rainforest is home to over 200 bird species as well. You can enjoy snorkelling in Lake Tanganyika, which has more than 100 species of brightly-colored fish, or walk down the forest trails to observe chimpanzee families.


  • Landscape
  • Wildlife


  • Tanganyika Lake
  • Diverse Wildlife Species
  • Various Colorful Fishes

Places to Stay

Gombe Forest Lodge

Style: Lodge

Gombe Forest Lodge is situated at the northern end of Gombe Stream National Park, under big shady trees along the lakeshore.

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Activities in Gombe Stream

Activities at Gombe Forest Lodge

Chimpanzee trekking, forest walks, bird walks and snorkelling


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