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Witness the natural beauty of Gangga Island, a tropical paradise situated just off the North Sulawesi coast in Indonesia. With air access at Manado 25 miles away, visitors can arrive on the island via speedboat. Home to the Bajau tribes, get a glimpse of their fishing and boat building livelihoods in the two villages Gangga Satu and Gangga Dua. Part of the Sangihe Islands in the Bangla Archipelago, most of which is still unexplored, Gangga island has a volcanic landscape covered in rainforests, white sandy beaches, and fringed by coral reefs. The Celebes Sea’s pristine waters, especially in the Bunaken National Marine Park and Lembeh Strait are renowned for dozens of world-class dive sites showcasing superb marine life. Gangga Island also serves as an excellent base to explore the Sulawesi highlands on the mainland. Excursions include hikes to Mount Mahawu, visits to traditional Minahasa abodes, and wildlife spotting in Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve. Gangga Island boasts stunning vantages for sunrises and sunsets!


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