Inle Lake is a stunning and calm freshwater lake that lies 900 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by the rolling high hills of the Shan Plateau where the fertile valleys are inhabited by colorful mountain tribes, whilst the marshlands attract many rare species of birds. What makes this destination extraordinary is the way in which the local Intha people have made the lake their home. There the numerous villages that have been constructed on woven bamboo stilts over the water, and several floating gardens of water hyacinth that have been cultivated on the silt of the lake. This is the location where you can observe the fascinating tradition of leg-rowing in which the Intha males wrap one leg around their oar and use it as a paddle to move their boats along.


  • Heritage
  • Landscape


  • Boat Ride
  • Floating Gardens
  • Fishing Villages
  • Colourful Traditional Markets

Room at hotel Amata Garden Inle in Inle Lake, Myanmar
Amata Garden Inle

Style: Resort

Amata Garden Resort is cozily nestled between the verdant Shan Hills and the tranquil Inle Lake at Ingyin Gone Village.

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Exterior view at hotel Aureum Palace Inle in Inle Lake, Myanmar
Aureum Palace Inle

Style: Resort

Aureum Palace Resort & Spa, Inle Lake, is located in Mine Thout village, accessible both by boat and land from Nyaung Shwe jetty - the gateway to Inle Lake.

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Enchanting Travels - Asia Tours - Myanmar - Inle Lake - Inle Lake View - room view
Inle Lake View

Style: Resort

The very elegant Inle Lake View Resort is ideally located on the western bank of the Inle Lake.

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Enchanting Travels - Asia Tours - Myanmar - Inle Princess Resort - exterior
Inle Princess Resort

Style: Resort

Built in traditional style the Inle Princess Resort is one of the best resorts in the region.

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Enchanting Travels - Asia Tours - Myanmar - Inle Lake - Inle Resort & Spa - Exerior view
Inle Resort & Spa

Style: Resort

The Inle 'Eco'-Resort & Spa is ideally situated on the shores of Inle Lake, 1hr drive from Heho Airport followed by a 20min boat ride from Nyaung Shwe town.

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Myanmar Treasure Resort (Inle Lake)

Style: Resort

Myanmar Treasure Resort Inle floats over Inle Lake's waters, 30min by boat to Nyaung Shwe, 40kms from Heho Airport - 45min plane ride from Yangon.

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Enchanting Travels - Asia Tours - Myanmar - Pristine Lotus Spa Resort - exterior
Pristine Lotus Spa Resort

Style: Resort

Pristine Lotus Spa Resort is majestically located on the banks of Inle Lake. The resort is spread out across delightful…

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Pool at Sanctum Inle Resort in Inle Lake, Myanmar
Sanctum Inle Resort

Style: International

Sanctum Inle Resort, located just over an hour from the nearest airport, offers you a truly serene stay by the…

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Outside view of Thanakha Hotel in Inle Lake, Myanmar
The Thanakha

Style: Heritage

Enjoy luxury at the lake! Beautiful scenery, elegant accommodation and excellent service greet you at the Thanakha Inle Hotel in…

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ViewPoint Lodge & Fine Cuisines

Style: Resort

Centrally located in Nyaungshwe on the canal that opens into the gorgeous Inle Lake, ViewPoint Lodge & Fine Cuisines is…

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Enchanting Travels - Asia Tours - Myanmar - Villa Inle Resort and Spa - exterior
Villa Inle Resort and Spa

Style: Resort

Villa Inle Resort and Spa enjoys pride of place by the eastern side of Inle Lake near Maing Thauk Village,…

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En Route Drive Highlights-Pindaya Caves

Visit and explore the 300 year old Pindaya caves containing over 8,000 Buddha images. Take short treks to the surrounding Danu, Pa-O, Palaung and Taung-Yo villages; explore the myriad offerings at local markets on market days.

City Highlights of Inle Lake

Enjoy boat and canoe rides on the Inle Lake. Marvel at the floating gardens, fishing villages and daily activities…all on water. Visit the imposing PhaungDaw U Pagoda with its 5 gold covered Buddha statues. Enjoy interesting excursions to colorful traditional markets, villages and work-shops in the surrounding areas.

Half Day Trip to Indein Village

Set out on a half day trip to of the small villages in the west of Ywama Village of Inle Lake area on its western bank..entered via a narrow, foliage-mantled winding creek where the jungle grows increasingly dense. Visit a cluster of incredibly atmospheric-ruined pagodas overlooking Inle Lake..namely Nyaung Ohak, housing crumbling stupas with ornate stucco carvings, and Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda, a complex of 1054 weather-worn pagodas. See the Buddha image enshrined in a whitewashed stupa on a hill summit. These temples resemble the Khmer style, and date back to 17th and 18th century Shan period. On either side of the creek are paddy fields..see farmers plough and harrow with water buffaloes.

Cycling Around Inle Lake

An ASEAN heritage site, a prospective World heritage site and wildlife sanctuary, the magical, beautiful, azure Inle Lake lies ringed by the mist-shrouded Shan Hills..seemingly changing hues with every position of the sun. Enjoy a Half/Full Day bicycle exploraton around the iconic Inle Lake with several sights clustered around the lake edges..pass hilly mountains, vegetable farms, paddy fields, canals; see hot springs, colourful tribal markets and stilted houses. The Intha..who migrated here from southern Myanmar, built entire stilt villages on the lake and amazing ‘floating’ gardens to grow their crops..marvel at Intha fishermen who row flat-ended canoes with one leg while catching fish in conical baskets with their bare hands.

Day Excursion to Kakku Pagoda Complex

Kakku Pagoda Complex (or Kekku), lies 40kms south of a religious center of Pa-O people..Taunggyi, spanning 1sq km and containing over 2,500 16th century stupas representing the Buddha’s footprint. This marvelous cluster of ancient monuments lie at a high altitude near Inle Lake, each of great historical importance. Until quite recently, these exquisite monuments were unknown to the outside world and to most of they can be visited. Marvel at the impressive sight of these thousands of stupas, tightly packed together and with many decorated in legendary filigree floral designs of figures of celestial beings or bird-men. You may also come across pilgrims from different mountain tribes, particularly the Pa-O with their colourful headscarves.

Day Trip to Nyaung Shwe-Pindaya Caves

Drive about 3hrs from Nyaung Shwe to Pindaya Caves in the pretty village of Pindaya, set around a lake in the scenic Shan countryside. En route pass Aung Pan City..see few villages..observe a traditional umbrella making workshop. Reach Pindaya..famous for its intricate cave network housing an extensive selection of Buddha images..estimated at 8,000. Explore these over 300yr-old limestone caves, 3,880ft above sea level on the poetic Botoloke Lake. See assorted Buddha images..mostly gold, in various styles and sizes..many seated peacefully. Beneath each statue are Burmese inscriptions giving the name/accomplished day of the statue. Only the southernmost cave of the 3-cave system is open to tourists. See the Buddhist Shwe U Min Pagoda or Golden Cave Pagoda, at the entrance of the southern cave. Notice a large bronze bell at the entrance, cast in 1842 and weighing 654kgs. Either walk up to the caves..half way up the limestone cliff, or take the elevator. Be sure to survey the spectacular views fro above. Return to Nyaung Shwe post lunch.

Trek from Inle Lake to Kalaw (2 Days)

Enjoy a full day or overnight trekking trip from Inle/Nyaung Shwe to the charming hill station Kalaw..on the edge of Shan Plateau (about 1350m height). Observe stunning undulating countryside between Kalaw and the picturesque Inle Lake..home to some of Asia’s most untouched minority ethnic villages – Taungthu, Palaung, Pa-O and Danu communities. Explore this unspoilt stretch while on a 1N/2D trekking trip..taking you to Ywarthit Village via aromatic pine trees, grazing livestock and tribal agricultural activities – tea planting, sesame crops, etc. Visit Taryaw Palaung Village and Pane-ne-pin Palaung village, passing through Orange, Lemon, Damson and Sebastian Leaf (used in cheroot making) plantations; see the tea leaf making process. Visit a monastery, primary school and a Palaung traditional long house where dozens of families live together. On return, see the bamboo Buddha Image. The journey back from Kalaw to Inle is far more interesting and an easier trek.

Cycling to Red Mountain Estate & Vineyards

Embark on a bicycle expedition to the red Mountain Vineyard..the Estate is located in Myanmar’s southern Shan State on the side of the iconic Inle Lake. Cycle through villages to the Red Mountain Estate, where over 400,000 vines have been imported from France, Spain and Israel (mostly sauvignon blanc from Israel)..carefully selected after experimentation in this tropical environment. The Red Mountain Estate planted their first grape in 2003 and its first production of 1,000 wine bottles was in 2006, and has been increasing since then. The wine making equipment has been imported from Italy. Sample some of the local wines..Red Mountain’s pinot noir and sauvignon blanc are its favored varieties. Enjoy a meal in the in their restaurant with magnificent views of the vineyard and mountains.


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