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Tubuai is the capital of the Austral Islands, and also the largest among all seven islands of the archipelago. Its coral reefs, fertile green plains, gently rolling hills, and cool climate make Tubuai the fruit and vegetable orchard of this group of islands. The white-sand beaches, vast fields of lilies, a neighborhood of coral islets, a magnificent turquoise shaded lagoon and ancient archaeological sites are Tubuai’s main attractions. The island is home to more than 200 ‘marae’ or ancient courtyards of local community spaces used for social events and traditional ceremonies. The more popular of these are the Raitoru and Haunarei maraes that were used for traditional birth ceremonies by the island community. History also remembers this incredibly beautiful island as the site where the famous mutineers of the HMS Bounty had tried to create a settlement in the late 1700s.


  • Capital of Austral Islands
  • Fruit & Vegetable Orchards
  • Coral Reef & Beaches
  • Ancient Archaeological Sites


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