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Experience tropical bliss in Brazil

As large parts of the vast landscape lie in the tropics, the climate is uniformly tropical or subtropical, so you can travel to Brazil at any time of the year. The seasons in the southern hemisphere are exactly opposite to ours, so when it is summer for us it will be winter in Brazil.

  Most Ideal Low Season


January marks the start of summer in Brazil. While the climate can change across its diverse regions, the average temperature usually hovers in the early 80s. Though January isn’t as wet as other parts of the year, do carry your rain jacket as it can still be quite wet in different parts of the country. It’s a good time to visit Sao Paolo and Rio with slightly drier weather conditions.


  • Visit Sao Paolo for its modern architecture, the unusually picturesque Parque do Ibirapuera and countless art museums
  • Enjoy the lush scenery at the Jardim Botanico in Rio, a huge botanical garden, which has over 8,000 different species of plants


February is one of the hottest months in Brazil. The average temperature is usually in the mid 80s, which makes it the perfect time to hit the beaches!


  • What would Brazil be without the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro? Whether in the famed Sambadrome or out on the streets across the city, the Carnival is an experience you must enjoy at least once in your life!
  • Spend time on arguably one of the world’s most famous beaches and Rio’s iconic attraction – Copacabana


Expect warm, humid weather through the country as high season begins to wane around this time. Be prepared for the occasional summer storm!


  • The higher volume of water at this time makes a visit to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls a memorable experience!
  • Travel on the Sugarloaf Cable Car and take in stunning views of the natural landscape in Rio


While the weather along the coast remains largely warm and dry, temperatures begin to fall as you move south, heralding the gradual arrival of winter.


  • With the south becoming harder to visit in winter, head to Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil, known for colonial-era towns dating back to the country’s 18th-century gold rush


May usually marks the start of the low season in Brazil. The average temperature usually around the early 70s. This is usually the last month to head to the south of the country before winter properly sets in.


  • The start of the dry season makes a good time to explore the largest marshland in the world, Pantanal


June brings blue skies and pleasant temperatures – the day temperature averages 71°F. It is one of the coolest months of the year and among the driest months as well, making June – and the next few months – the perfect time to visit the Amazon rainforest.


  • Take a tour of the desert landscape of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a protected area on Brazil’s North Atlantic coast, and enjoy its lagoons filled with water at this time
  • Visit the city of Manaus, a gateway to the lush green Amazon forest


July is the coldest month in Brazil, but temperatures rarely dip below the high 60s. While it’s still warm enough to swim in the coastal areas, you could expect to see snow in the south, in places like Santa Catarina.


  • Hike through the Amazon Archipelago’s dry forests
  • Spend a day with the renowned Boto(Pink Dolphins)


August is usually the driest month in Brazil, and also the time when temperatures gradually begin to rise. Spring makes its presence felt in cities like Rio, making it a wonderful time to visit.


  • Experience the traditional way to enjoy the Amazon: sail to the Rio Negro
  • Take a tour of Salvador da Bahia and soak in this beautiful city’s living, breathing Afro-Brazilian culture


Temperatures continue to rise this month, as does the humidity. Expect cloudy skies and rain showers towards the end of the month in cities like Rio.


  • At the Amazon, interact with the friendly and warm Caboclos indigenous people who live in stilt houses by the river
  • Go off the beaten track with a visit to idyllic Picinguaba and soak up the sun on the unspoiled beaches


October is a month of transition in all the different climatic zones in the country. It is also probably the last month of the year when weather conditions are somewhat conducive for visiting the Amazon rainforest region.


  • Visit the beautifully preserved, charming old town of Paraty, which will take history buffs and culture travelers back in time


November is a fairly wet and warm month with the average temperature hovering around the mid 70s. There isn’t much difference between day and nighttime temperatures, and expect plenty of rainfall in cities like Rio.


  • Spend time savoring the taste of Rio – from its fantastic fruits to pastries and savory treats from the street food vendors


December is high season month and among the wettest, especially in the Amazon Basin. Expect hot and humid conditions as summer beckons.


  • Visit the glamorous Brazilian coastal city of Recife
  • Head to untouched beaches of Picinguaba in the Atlantic’s bay for a leisurely stroll and a refreshing bath
  • Visit Rio de Janeiro’s biggest tourist attraction – Corcovado, home to the towering Christ the Redeemer statue – one of the Seven Wonders of the World
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Climate in Brazil

Climate in Northern Brazil

Brazil has a warm, tropical climate with hardly any difference in temperatures throughout the year so you can visit Brazil at any time of the year.

Climate in Southern Brazil

The climate here ranges from subtropical to temperate. As you travel southwards during your Brazil trip, the difference between seasons becomes more pronounced. Brazil experiences winter between May and September with temperatures of around 20°C during the daytime. In the summer months between November and March, the temperature rises above 30. The southern coast of Brazil boasts the most beautiful beaches and wonderfully warm water throughout the year. The water at the southernmost tip of Brazil is too cold for swimming between the months of June to September.

Climate in the Amazon Basin of Brazil

Although it rains throughout the year in the Amazon Basin, the dry months of April to September are the best time to visit Brazil’s rainforest, with only short bursts of rainfall at a time. 

Beautiful beach in Brazil

What to Pack

South America is an enormous continent and there are several different types of landscapes, and the climatic zones will vary greatly on your trip. The weather varies by country, region and season. When traveling to Brazil, here are a few items you must carry: Lightweight rain and wind jacket (especially from Dec to Mar), comfortable shoes, swimsuit, sandals, beachwear, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen and mosquito repellent. But largely, don’t worry about a dress code! South America is generally very relaxed; you might want to pack something fancier for a night out but only five-star hotels and a few restaurants actually expect some sort of etiquette in the evening.

“There’s so much magic in Brazil – from the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer to the lush Amazon forests – all coming together to show us just how much beauty there is in today’s world.”

Lisa Fox Travel Consultant Enchanting Travels

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One of the very best travel experiences I have ever had. We even got updates once at 3 am! He also made one change in one day’s itinerary to accommodate our wishes which was very wonderful. For business, I have traveled to Europe, Russia, all over Asia and South Africa but was blown away by all the beautiful sites in Argentina and Chile.

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Joseph Mathey USA

All the little touches made by our Enchanting Travel consultant, Amelia Edwards, were noticed and recognized by my wife and I. Thank you for making our milestone trip (25th wedding anniversary) such a memorable one! We look forward to engaging Enchanting Travels again for our next South American adventure!!

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Raymond Suire USA

I can honestly say that our trip was fantastic. From the conception of the itinerary, Lisa suggesting activities based on our interests, the price, the way Fernando kept in contact during the trip, organising flight check-ins and seating, pickups/drop offs and the excellent hotels you couldn’t fault our trip. I would definitely use Enchanting Travels again and would highly recommend your company. Very happy with the entire process.

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