Ingapirca is one of the largest and most important Inca ruins in Ecuador and is situated 3000 meters above sea level. Ingapirca translates as ‘Inca wall‘. However, it served not only as a fortification but as an important place of worship. The complex includes an astronomical observatory, burial grounds and the impressive Temple of the Sun. Ingapirca was constructed by the Cañari, an indigenous people who puzzle historians until today. The complex was expanded by the Incas, only to be looted and partially destroyed after being conquered by the Spaniards. After a comprehensive restoration in the 1960s, the ruins were made available to the public. The typical Inca construction style is remarkable – perfectly formed stones neatly fit one into one another. Visit the adjoined museum, which brings to life the mysterious history of the ruin site or enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding luscious green landscape.


  • Inca Ruins
  • Verdant Landscape
  • Culture and Heritage


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