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Spotlight on … Bhutan Tourism

As an emerging destination, Bhutan Tourism is all set to take off with authentic initiatives and encounters directed at benefiting the community. Let’s take you on a journey in the Mountain Kingdom.

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Bhutan Tourism - Prayer Flags in Thimphu - Bhutan travel
Author: Jen

As an emerging destination, Bhutan Tourism is all set to take off with authentic initiatives and encounters directed at benefiting the community. Let’s take you on a journey of the stunning Mountain Kingdom.

Have you heard about Bhutan and its bundles of happiness? Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness philosophy guides Bhutan’s government and measure the collective happiness and well being of the population. Yet there is more to Bhutan than its happiness index.

While we often choose specific regions, the entire country of Bhutan is the perfect example of a considered destination for Enchanting Travels. Why? Bhutan is a much lesser visited destination compared with neighboring Nepal and is therefore more able to integrate visitors into its existing infrastructure.

We applaud the efforts that Bhutan as a country has taken to not only promote sustainable tourism but also act responsibly towards her people and environment. In recent years, the Bhutanese has passed many laws that support the environment, including writing into its Constitution the requirement that 60% of the country’s land remains forested. The government has banned all plastic bags and is committed to creating carbon neutrality, which means that CO2 reduction is part of daily business and life, and that any carbon emissions created within the country need to be offset with responsible projects. The country is entirely smoke free, and supports only local shops, which in turn supports the local economy. You won’t find many large chain stores or corporations in Bhutan.

Even Bhutan’s food is locally sourced, with most of the country’s citizens tending to their own kitchen gardens. For our guests, this guarantees meals with deliciously fresh ingredients!

Probably the most wonderful aspect of tourism in Bhutan is the fact that 65% of what guests pay is retained by the government to be used for societal welfare.

Our Bhutan Tours: Considered Accommodation

What we love about our accommodation providers in Bhutan is that they choose to employ local staff, so that guests can have social interactions with diverse groups in the community. For example, Thimpu Towers in Thimpu has a hotel owner who personally engages with lower income women and trains them to be part of the staff.

Festival in Thimphu
Festival in Thimphu
Thimphu in Bhutan
Thimphu city

Zhiwa Ling Ascent in Thimpu believe that the best education is hands-on, so offers training experiences to local Bhutanese students wishing to learn and work in hospitality. The hotel’s own professional team supervise the students with 120 hours of hands-on training, equipping them with valuable skills, from spa therapy and reservations to housekeeping and culinary arts. The result are confident students who are proud to share their Bhutanese culture with guests.

Zhiwa Ling Ascent in Thimphu, Bhutan
Zhiwa Ling Ascent in Thimphu, Bhutan

Bhutan Tourism and Authentic Experiences

You can experience a Prayer Ceremony in Probjikha Valley, in which our partners in Bhutan never charge or take any commission from. Your donation that you are asked to give during the ceremony directly goes to the monks conducting the prayers.

Our Local Guide Sangay Wangdi Welcomes You

Our guide Sangay Wangdi with the Enchanting Travels team

“My name is Sangay Wangdi and: I am from Gasa, which is one of the remotest districts in Bhutan. I am very proud to be Bhutanes, we are a small country in the world but we have our own identity and a unique culture and traditions that are still alive. We look for peace and happiness within ourselves.

Bhutan is a Himalayan country filled with natural beauty and mountain peaks. Everywhere you go you can experience different ways that people choose to live in rural areas, and you’ll get a feeling of untouched cultural heritage in the remotest of places. To become a tour guide in Bhutan one has to overcome many personal challenges, including the ability to have good communications skills and to share our culture appropriately with guests. I wanted to become a tour guide so that I could visit many of the holy places in Bhutan and also learn about the world from our guests.Enchanting Travels has given me an ample opportunity to upgrade my career. ” Read more about Sangay Wangdi

“Enchanting Travels really understand the value of humans and appreciate different lifestyles, and all the guests I have shown around are really amazing people. I am glad that I got an opportunity to work with the most renowned tour operator in the world!”

Read more about Responsible Travels

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