Lamu is possibly one of the most relaxing places on earth. Lamu is also the name given to the only town on Lamu island. Established in the 14th century, Lamu has been a trading town between Arabia and India for hundreds of years. It is the oldest surviving Swahili town in Kenya, and still retains its vibrant culture, charm, and a way of life from its unique past. Even today, there are no cars on the island, because the streets are only wide enough for donkeys and pedestrians. In the evenings, the aroma of thick coffee permeates the atmosphere; old men sit together philosophizing on the front steps of their houses, and little boys chase one another, darting in and out of quaint shops that line the main street. Lamu is a fascinating place with a very peaceful atmosphere.


  • Adventure
  • Beaches
  • Heritage


  • Mountain Ranges
  • High Peaks
  • Ruins of King Moshoeshoe

Places to Stay

Baytil Ajaib

Style: Boutique

Baytil Ajaib 'House of Wonder' is a beautifully restored 18th Century palatial Swahili House located in the heart of Lamu Town.

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Style: Boutique

Kizingo is the ultimate 'switch off' coastal retreat, located on the island of Lamu just 30 minutes by boat from the airstrip.

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Manda Dream

Style: Boutique

Located along Manda Island's beach, a few metres from the sea and surrounded by luxurious tropical vegetation, sit the gorgeous Villas of Manda Dream.

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Activities in Lamu

Activities at Manda Bay

Sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, bird walks and drives, sundowner excursions


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