The Bunaken Manado Tua Marine National Park (or Taman Laut Bunaken Manado Tua) is a sprawling expanse of about 900 sq. km. of unusually rich marine life. This North Sulawesi marine park is predominantly a spectacular coral reef area with five tiny islands making up its meager landmass. The beautiful island of Bunaken is perhaps the most popular destination with travelers to this Indonesian ‘Coral Triangle’, with its expansive beaches and fabulous diving spots. Expect to encounter more than a thousand species of sea fish, coral, sponges and a myriad unusual marine life. Dolphin pods and whales are also spotted occasionally. The marine park encircles the dormant volcanic peak of Manado Tua as well, which is fairly easy to climb. Unfortunately, a large amount of footfall sometimes leads to littering on the beaches.


  • Rich Marine Life
  • Indonesian ‘Coral Triangle’
  • Manado Tua Volcanic Peak


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