Igen in Java is where you can explore a most magical yet natural landscape. At 2,300 meters, Igen boasts Indonesia’s largest volcanic crater, which just so happens to have a magical blue fire. This natural phenomenon is thought to have arisen from 300,000 years of volcanic activity, journeying through a time the area was very rich in acid.

Igen is best enjoyed in the morning from 0700 hours to 0900 hours, when the unique combination of yellow rocks and mineral waters are at their best. For witnessing the ethereal phenomenon, it is best you arise before dawn and arrive at the crater by the early hours of the morning.


  • Landscape


  • Trekking & Hiking
  • Magical Volcanic Craters
  • Stunning Natural Beauty

Places to Stay

Bedroom at Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo Hotel in Indonesia, Mount Bromo
Jiwa Jawa Ijen

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Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen is nestled on the foothills of Ijen Plateau, surrounded by lush plantations and majestic mountains.

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Activities in Ijen

Igen Volcano Visit (Half Day)

Ijen volcano is the most acidic volcano in the world, due to the hot sulphur that emanates from its core as an ethereal green vapor. When you venture to the local sulphur mining area, you can witness the interesting process of creating pure sulphur blocks. The steam is collected by a large pipe where it condenses and forms red rivulets, which are then frozen and carried away in large blocks. It is a difficult job to create this, but the result is very healthy sulphur. Explore the nearby lake, before returning to the ranger’s post en route to your hotel.
(Half Day; Private activity & transfers; Time of the day: Morning; Travel time to activity: 1 hr to the base of the volcano; Duration: 6 hrs; Fitness level: Moderate as you will need to trek for 2 hrs each way; please bring sturdy walking shoes. Please note that the views are weather dependent.)


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