Makassar is an upcoming trading and port city on the Sulawesi Island. Also known as Ujung Padang, it is inhabited by a mixed population of the Makassarese, Bugis and Chinese. Much of its cosmopolitan culture comes down from its Dutch colonial lineage. Makassar’s crowded harbor forms the gateway to East Indonesia, and its prosperous sea trade forms its main economy. Apart from acting as the entry to South Sulawesi, the town does not have much to offer travelers beyond a night’s stay. The city has of a charming 17th century Dutch colonial quarter around the Fort Rotterdam area with an old Gowanese fort, museum and colonial buildings. The bustling waterfront along the popular Losari Beach is a seafood paradise and the nightlife at this port town is worth exploring. Various water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling are available for sports enthusiasts at the exotic coral reefs of the nearby Samalona Island.


  • Dutch Colonial Heritage
  • Bustling Harbor Town
  • Snorkeling and Water Sports


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