Tana Toraja is an impossibly bright splash of color in the lap of a forested landscape strewn with verdant hills. It is home to the local ethnic population of the Toraja people with mixed religious backgrounds, including traditional animist beliefs (‘aluk’ or ‘the way’). These tropical highlands of Central Sulawesi boast the vividly painted traditional homesteads of the Toraja with their boat-shaped houses (Tongkonans) built on stilts. Terraced farms with emerald rice fields along the tall, forested hills – where the highest peak reach above 3,000 m – adorn the Toraja’s exotic landscape. The spectacular highlands are also the adventure traveler’s paradise with myriad hiking trails, cycling and mountain biking routes. Local rituals like elaborate funeral events are key highlights for the intrepid traveler. Toraja burial rituals, however, may involve animal sacrifices and some of the cultural rites may not be suitable for all travelers.


  • Ethnic Communities
  • Verdant Landscape
  • Hiking, Cycling and Mountain Biking


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