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Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico in 2022?

Our travel experts provide safety resources and tips for this popular destination.

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is it safe to travel to Mexico? Learn more
Author: Jemima Forbes

Mexico has long been a popular pick for a vacation thanks to its balmy beaches, fascinating heritage sites, delicious cuisine, and vibrant festivals and events. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting where and how we travel, you may be searching for some expert advice on this destination. Our travel specialists have put together some tips to help you decide whether a Mexico vacation is the right option for you.

You can always look up online resources to get the latest travel restriction updates, and exercise some basic precautions while you’re traveling. As a general rule, you shouldn’t travel anywhere if you or someone you live with is showing any symptoms of COVID-19. If you or someone you live with is classified as a vulnerable person due to health reasons, vacationing abroad may increase your risk of contracting the virus. 

Is it safe to travel right now to Mexico?

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, many people have asked us where it’s currently safe to travel to. As direct flights are available from many departure points within the United States, Mexico is a natural choice for a sunny getaway. And what’s more, the country also has the added benefit of being just a short direct flight away from many US airports. If you’d like more information about how airlines have changed safety procedures, watch this informational video from Aeromexico.

COVID-19 in Mexico

According to the Mexican government site, the entire country is operating under an epidemiological traffic light system to highlight COVID-19 cases and activities allowed in each area. Before you travel, make sure you take a look at what color the area you’re hoping to visit is classified under. If the region is classified as green, you don’t have much to worry about and most activities are allowed at 80 percent capacity. If it is yellow, the region is functioning at 50 percent capacity while orange indicates that the capacity is 30 percent. If you see red, then almost everything is closed.

It’s a good idea to enter the country with a negative COVID-19 test report. You could also schedule a test with the last hotel you will be staying at before departure. There are plenty of labs across the country including Mexico City and Cancun where your reports can be processed. The country follows COVID-19 hygiene protocols quite strictly with separate entrance and exits in buildings, guards posted at entrances with thermometers and antibacterial gels and sleeping areas in hotels equipped with disinfectants.

“Mexico, especially Cancun, where I live, has felt normal for several months now. Measures such as masking up in enclosed spaces have always been mandatory and will remain so for some time. Now with the new Omicron variant, it is normal that we will return from being classified as green to yellow, as this will ensure stricter hygiene measures. Currently the Omicron cases in Cancun have been mild and none of the vaccinated people I know have required hospitalization.”

– Jorge Abuxapqui, SAT Mexico

Regardless of where you’re traveling to in Mexico, it’s a good idea to follow CDC guidelines and go through our expert Coronavirus safety tips, including: 

  • Staying six feet away from people who are not in your immediate household
  • Wearing a face mask which covers your mouth and nose
  • Washing and/or sanitizing your hands regularly to eradicate germs

Crime in Mexico

When it comes to other safety issues in Mexico beyond COVID-19, crime may be something you’re concerned about. Like every country, there are certain areas in Mexico that are best avoided by visitors. Specifically, we’d recommend staying away from the regions around the US border. For detailed advice on these destinations, talk to one of our travel experts. 

While you are in Mexico, your safety and well-being is our top priority. We employ a reliable and reputable team who are able to guide you safely through the beautiful sites while avoiding any risks. However, as with many other countries in the world, we advise you to be cautious at all times. Kidnapping and petty crime can be problems in certain parts of Mexico, so it’s crucial that you remain vigilant and bear in mind the following safety advice:

  • Don’t carry around large amounts of cash or valuables. 
  • Be extra cautious if you’re out at night, especially if you’re alone. 
  • Make sure someone back home has a copy of your itinerary and knows where you are at all times. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings when using ATMs or handling money.
  • Avoid driving at night, especially in more rural areas where help may be hours away.

We also recommend signing up for STEP (Smart Traveler Enrolment Program) which will allow you to receive relevant safety information, advice, and alerts about your chosen destination from local US embassies.

We’d be happy to create a personalized Mexico itinerary for you that prioritizes your health and personal safety. Read our COVID-19 FAQ page for our current booking policies or reach out to us today with any questions or ideas you have for a trip of a lifetime to this incredible country!

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